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Psalm 91 Protection Card

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God’s Word NEVER returns void. Psalm 91 is a powerful passage that can protect you from all hurt, harm, and danger if you apply it to your life. The Psalm 91 Protection Card is one resource that everyone can use. Here are some ways to use and share these cards with others:
  1. Mail them to friends.
  2. Stuff stockings with them.
  3. Give them to servers in restaurants.
  4. Share them with family members.
  5. Keep them in your car’s sun visor.
  6. Keep them in your pocket, purse, or wallet.
  7. Give them to teachers and nurses.
  8. Place them in barbershops and beauty shops.
  9. Give them to the homeless.
  10. Give them to nonprofits and outreaches.
  11. Give them to single moms.
  12. Place them in children’s backpacks.
  13. Give them to children in college.
  14. Bless someone in a drive-thru line.
  15. Give them to patients in hospitals.
  16. Give them to store cashiers.
  17. Distribute them in meetings.
  18. Share them at youth gatherings.
  19. Give them out at birthday gatherings.
  20. Share them at family reunions.

Purchase the Psalm 91 Protection Card by Sherrilyn Williams today! Decree these promises daily, and enjoy God’s protection for you!

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