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Apostle Alton R. Williams

Alton R. Williams serves as Senior Pastor of World OvercomersOutreach Ministries Church in Memphis, Tennessee, and has pastored since 1981.  He has entered into a new dimension of ministry as one of the end-time Apostles that God is raising up around the world. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is one of the 12 founding Fathers of the Full Gospel Church Fellowship of New Orleans, Louisiana.  

One of the many functions and duties of the Apostle is to give correction to traditional, religious and erroneous teaching, release revelation into the earth, and defend truth and godliness at all cost. You will receive understanding for life's problems and circumstances.

Apostles have always used the vehicle of writing to release God's revelation into the earth. Apostle Williams has done just that in all his books. God has given him the gift of writing as a vehicle to establish correct doctrine for the Body of Christ. His books will confront error, immorality, false teaching, the occult, and the traditions of men.

Apostle Williams' books enforce kingdom conduct, holiness and biblical standards of righteousness. They compel believers to obedience and will turn people from darkness to light or from the power of Satan to God. They will train, educate and develop leaders and ministers for ministry. And finally these books will establish you in the truth and knowledge you need to lay new foundations in your life for the coming moves of God and His Spirit.