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Harry Potter Meets the Potter

Harry Potter Meets the Potter

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Harry Potter Meets the Potter:  A Spiritual Examination of the Harry Potter Series, Witchcraft and the Dangers They Promote
by Apostle Alton R. Williams

Harry Potter Meets the Potter claims to be an ‘innocent fantasy’ book for our children. Yet it clearly illustrates how these ‘innocent fantasy’ acts of Harry Potter are directly opposed to the Word of God.

This book was birthed to show how the Harry Potter series teaches certain ideologies, behaviors and principles which are accepted and practiced in the culture of witchcraft. By citing supporting biblical responses, Apostle Williams will show how such principles are contrary to the Will of God.

If Harry Potter is so innocent, harmless and just fun reading then why does Harry Potter:

  1. …Advocate the production and use of drugs?
  2. …Advocate the teaching and training of witchcraft and wizardry?
  3. …Lead children to actual witchcraft, magic or sorcery books and materials?
  4. …Illustrate an Occultist environment?
  5. …Advocate putting curses and spells on other people?
  6. …Teach revenge?

Before you allow your children to be exposed to Harry Potter, learn the origin and facts surrounding the content of  J.K. Rowling’s featured character and see how God views it.

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.John 4:1

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